Electric Eel Shocks Me Again... AND AGAIN!

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  • 1/10/2021 को प्रकाशित
  • On this episode, Mark answers some of YOUR questions about his Electric Eel shock! These electrifying experiments left Mark in searing pain -- Is he about to get shocked AGAIN?! Learn more about the science behind it all, gain new knowledge about these mysterious creatures, and get Mark's exclusive take on the experience - Exactly how does it feel to get shocked at full voltage by an electric eel?? Tune in to find out!
    Watch the original shock here: inclips.net/video/LBjv5Le2KqY/वीडियो.html
    Big thanks to our friends at the New England Aquarium for allowing us to film additional footage of their Electric Eel. The New England Aquarium is a global leader in ocean exploration, marine conservation, and a major public education resource. Visit www.neaq.org/ for more information on the aquarium and how you can book your next visit!

    Special thanks to our friend Dianna Cowern, AKA Physics Girl, for joining us! Be sure to check out her channel and subscribe for more adventures into the physical sciences with experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries: bit.ly/PHYSICSGIRL
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  • Jonathan MacNeil
    Jonathan MacNeil 7 महीने पहले +213

    What’s crazy to me is how the eel doesn’t even have to react, it just chills while you get wrecked..

  • Kirra Star
    Kirra Star 7 महीने पहले +196

    After all these episodes I'm convinced they're actual mission is to aquire superpowers

    • DavidGlennWilliamson
      DavidGlennWilliamson 2 महीने पहले

      Yeah they can keep trying, but pepridge farm remembers. ;)

    • AllyyyTheGator
      AllyyyTheGator 3 महीने पहले

      Haha. This is actually really funny

    • GhaniG
      GhaniG 6 महीने पहले +7

      Electro Mark

    • Oz
      Oz 7 महीने पहले +3


  • The Coldest Water
    The Coldest Water 7 महीने पहले +272

    Therefore, I conclude that Mark is better than a cat. He has more than nine lives 😎🤣

    • Tom Holland
      Tom Holland 4 महीने पहले


    • DuntF
      DuntF 5 महीने पहले

      @Tame sheesh

    • GhaniG
      GhaniG 6 महीने पहले

      he has more than 9 lives and you now have more than 186 likes

    • ・ The Muffinteers! •
      ・ The Muffinteers! • 6 महीने पहले

      He has 200 lives

    • John Xiong
      John Xiong 6 महीने पहले +2

      He doesn’t have live he is half god he can never die

  • Hailey Thompson
    Hailey Thompson 5 महीने पहले +15

    So even just touching the side of an electric eel shock you? That's crazy, I definitely learned something new today! Thanks for all you do educating us on this channel.

    • MOMKUNG 999
      MOMKUNG 999 महीने पहले

      that is why it could kill someone if he touches his body for too long

    • Hailey Thompson
      Hailey Thompson 4 महीने पहले

      @Diego Brando that's crazy! Thanks for the info!

    • Diego Brando
      Diego Brando 4 महीने पहले +2

      They can actually shock you 2 and a half feet away from the animal if you are small prey.

  • Pinhead
    Pinhead 7 महीने पहले +103

    I swear if Mark keeps doing this, his arm would probably come off. Well, it’s for content, so give all the content to us!

    • russ
      russ 7 महीने पहले


    • T H A N O S
      T H A N O S 7 महीने पहले +4

      Numb but that means he won't feel anything that hurts him 😅

  • Stephen Kessel
    Stephen Kessel 5 महीने पहले +17

    Being someone who has an unquenchable fascination with electric eels, this video is absolutely amazing. There is nowhere near enough content or references out there showing off just how cool and interesting these creatures are. I mean they produce their own organic electricity, COME ON.

    • Dak Sans
      Dak Sans महीने पहले +1

      They are real life electric type Pokemon

  • Johnny Morningstar
    Johnny Morningstar महीने पहले +2

    Mad respect for the dedication to educating us even more on the experience and the creature itself. Love this channel

  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax 7 महीने पहले +524

    Every few videos I come back to check back on if he’s still alive

    • Salman Beats
      Salman Beats महीने पहले


    • Tedros Kidane
      Tedros Kidane महीने पहले

      @just someone with a gun no’t say that

    • F.O.J communications
      F.O.J communications महीने पहले


    • Blake NA
      Blake NA 3 महीने पहले

      My thoughts every time a new video from him pops up in my feed.

    • cardinanta
      cardinanta 7 महीने पहले

      I agree

  • netweed09
    netweed09 7 महीने पहले +47

    Coyote's bad habits are beginning to have an erm, conductive effect on his crew.

  • Pond Science
    Pond Science 7 महीने पहले +10

    Loved watching this, and especially finding out how it happens! 😲. I plan on doing a video about bowfins this year! That's the closest we have to an eel in my area.

    • Dennis Bohm
      Dennis Bohm 7 महीने पहले +3

      Bowfins not an eel but guess they do look eel-y lol

  • Lew H
    Lew H 7 महीने पहले +10

    What if we had farms of electric eals and used them to put energy into the grid. Like a massive lake full of them with huge wires carrying the electricity back to the grid? Could that work or does something have to be directly touching the eal?

    • Idiot Buster
      Idiot Buster महीने पहले +1

      @The Spy149 well thats not true. thats exactly what the grid does; with various methods. Such as: using excess energy to compress gas which can later be used to turn turbines a 60-90% efficient process. simply storing the energy in batteries, such as in Australia who currently hold the world record for the largest Li-ion battery.

    • The Spy149
      The Spy149 3 महीने पहले

      No, as it can’t be stored and stuff

    • vIPR
      vIPR 4 महीने पहले

      Water is a good conductor of electricity, so touching it directly wouldn't be necessary. But you would have to trigger the eel to shock to get the electricity

  • Straw Hat Sam
    Straw Hat Sam 3 महीने पहले +3

    Can electric eels shock each other? Is there such a thing as "friendly fire"?

  • craig k.
    craig k. 7 महीने पहले

    This video was great. Mark, you were so honest about your experience. I like that you answered questions.

  • Kiwiiforfan
    Kiwiiforfan महीने पहले

    I loved when she laughed at his pain 😁😂😂

  • Karly
    Karly 7 महीने पहले +7

    This was absolutely fascinating 🤯

  • Orange Platypus
    Orange Platypus 7 महीने पहले +4

    I can feel the shock just by watching!

  • supream NFT
    supream NFT 7 महीने पहले +5

    I love your videos so much keep up the good Work and have a great day

  • stardust
    stardust 7 महीने पहले

    There's been some (just for fun) speculation that ancient creatures such as plesiosaurs could have been electrical as well.
    How rad would that be?? 🦕⚡

  • kyle1330
    kyle1330 4 महीने पहले

    Takes only a tiny amount of amps to cause fibrillation if it passes through your heart. It may be a precaution you're already aware of, but if you do this more in the future it might be a good idea to continue only touching it with your right hand. And make sure your left arm isn't ground.

  • Amjad Min
    Amjad Min 7 महीने पहले +1

    Now my question is can the electric ell get shock or are they immune to electric shock.

  •  ʎdǝǝɹɔmoth
    ʎdǝǝɹɔmoth 7 महीने पहले

    I love the tesla coil effect, it's amazing how much electricity they can generate

  • DravenGal
    DravenGal 7 महीने पहले

    Interesting info! I wonder if the eel would die if its tail got cut off, what with all the organs being in its front portion?

  • Him & Her Sound Off
    Him & Her Sound Off 7 महीने पहले

    This is so fascinating! Thanks Mark! 😱😱😱

  • Charles Lee Ray
    Charles Lee Ray दिन पहले +1

    Got shock by 10 of them before.. wasn't nothing to me felt like a taser.

  • Power Milk
    Power Milk 7 महीने पहले +139

    Plot Twist: he dies everytime he makes a video, so he makes a clone before he dies to record the next video

  • Psychx
    Psychx 7 महीने पहले +21

    Red ear explaination: Your autonomous nervous system got a bit out of whack because electricity was flowing through it. This also results in several neurotransmitters and neuropeptides getting released, which, beside a miniscule amount of nerve damage, is the reason why the effects lingered for a while.

    • Jennifer Farrar
      Jennifer Farrar 7 महीने पहले +2

      @Brave Wilderness hi guys I am enjoying your INclips channel video and I love animals Mark vins are okay ❤😍👍😉😊

    • Angela Towne-Barthel
      Angela Towne-Barthel 7 महीने पहले +2

      Sorry I was in caps the entire time and I didn’t notice LOL

    • Angela Towne-Barthel
      Angela Towne-Barthel 7 महीने पहले +2

      @Brave Wilderness PLLZZZ

    • Angela Towne-Barthel
      Angela Towne-Barthel 7 महीने पहले +2


    • Brave Wilderness
      Brave Wilderness  7 महीने पहले +9

      Wow didnt know this, thanks for the comment!

  • Axlxm Fire
    Axlxm Fire 7 महीने पहले +1

    Wow.. Good job Mark. I like how you explain. And you are tough man. 😎Good job man. 👍

  • Boyfriend The Legendary Super Sayian
    Boyfriend The Legendary Super Sayian 6 दिन पहले

    Fun fact: the reason why he gets shocked is because he has heat in his body and thermal energy is a conductor which is why you see him getting shocked.

  • Lita
    Lita 7 महीने पहले +1

    Looked painful but interesting video Mark & Crew I liked this video yes!!!!🤮😱+👍😅

  • J
    J 7 महीने पहले +20

    Even Coyote Peterson was too afraid to do it. This guy is a beast

    • D.C$TACKS
      D.C$TACKS 7 महीने पहले +2

      Dam bro he got balls

  • mark Halliday
    mark Halliday 7 महीने पहले

    It is good to have this documented,for future references and for science that being said,screw that,you sir are off the hook,well done 👍👍👊👌🤜🤛😊🇦🇺

  • Kuitaran( Heatmorus )
    Kuitaran( Heatmorus ) 7 महीने पहले

    Mean thing these amazing dudes do for science it insane,but sure is pretty interesting qnd makes for a fascinatingly video

  • 𝒞𝒶𝓈𝑒𝓎 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝒹𝓎
    𝒞𝒶𝓈𝑒𝓎 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝒹𝓎 7 महीने पहले +62

    “I can’t believe how nervous I am rn.”
    That’s your instincts telling you this is a bad idea homie.

    ZERO-CHEATS-GAMING 7 महीने पहले +1

    Your crazy bro 👍
    This is great content 👏👌👍

  • Comedy & Entertainment
    Comedy & Entertainment 7 महीने पहले +4

    Wow. That was shocking!

  • Engr Denden Kadil
    Engr Denden Kadil 7 महीने पहले +1

    As brave as Coyote. Gives me shock. Amazing Mark Vins. 😲👍

  • gluino
    gluino 7 महीने पहले +1

    First time seeing this host. Always thought this channel was mainly Coyote Peters.
    How about the two of them do a pain endurance contest? Haha?

  • MoPar MecHanical
    MoPar MecHanical 7 महीने पहले +1

    I really like the electric eel , it was really interesting
    I really enjoy your videos , please keep them coming !

  • chucky8thousand 888
    chucky8thousand 888 महीने पहले +1

    Its cool how theres a fish that has electric powers

  • Jack
    Jack 7 महीने पहले +1

    I understand Mark getting shock by an electric eel is not easy to handle.

  • CharlanaJoVlogs
    CharlanaJoVlogs 7 महीने पहले

    This was electrifyingly educational⚡️

  • herroeman handoyo
    herroeman handoyo 5 महीने पहले

    I once kept this electric eel. I use rubber gloves to hold this electric eel. Honestly, my electric eel is easy to hold. if it is held he always comes to me to be held. Of course I never take off my rubber gloves..

  • The Real JP
    The Real JP 7 महीने पहले +2

    "It's not completely safe and I definitely don't recommend anybody take a shock if the opportunity presents itself" LMFAO! Thanks for the advice!

  • gluino
    gluino 7 महीने पहले +5

    10:33 uh... so he did not answer the question about electricity. So how many amps at 860V can an electric eel produce? How about peak wattage and average wattage over one second?

    • Y e e t
      Y e e t 7 महीने पहले

      @TheNilla2020 The amount of charge it can produce varies eel to eel and it depends on if the eel actually releases a large charge or not, it can release a relatively small charge if it wants to. Also, the shock has to be bad if it was going to hunt with it.

    • TheNilla2020
      TheNilla2020 7 महीने पहले

      I've seen other people get shocked by the eel and it wasn't as bad as he says it is

  • enderpig
    enderpig 7 महीने पहले +1

    1:54 I like those smaller shocks build up to the strong shock.

    • Pedro Hernandez
      Pedro Hernandez 7 महीने पहले

      Tomo mío l nocivo plomo hinojo join hno

  • AwesomeNessy
    AwesomeNessy 7 महीने पहले +2

    Mark looks different than he used to! I’m glad him, Coyote, and Mario and still doing vids!

    • AwesomeNessy
      AwesomeNessy 7 महीने पहले +1

      @wildae It is the beard.

    • wildae
      wildae 7 महीने पहले +1

      yep, age and beard, may be mostly beard

  • Cupcake_The_Raptor!
    Cupcake_The_Raptor! 6 महीने पहले

    Wow you are so cool. I wish I was as brave as you.

  • Cary Hurd
    Cary Hurd महीने पहले

    I love nature soooo much I love all that you do

  • Qantas 1
    Qantas 1 7 महीने पहले +7

    So close to 20 million guys well done

  • stilltlrforlife
    stilltlrforlife 7 महीने पहले

    It probably feels similar to getting shocked by an HEI ignition coil on a vintage G.M. vehicle very high voltagebut low amperage, same results of the red skin and tingles..yea it hurts like hell.

  • Deena and Jude’s gaming channel
    Deena and Jude’s gaming channel 7 महीने पहले +1

    If the electric eal produces lighting probably that would be the future of electricity

  • M M
    M M 8 दिन पहले

    What I want to know is, can u shock an electric eel? Or are they immune

  • RedVultureMedia
    RedVultureMedia महीने पहले

    Mark takes after his best friend Coyote for sure Lol. Glad you're alright man!

  • Jessi Hilton
    Jessi Hilton 7 महीने पहले +4

    You are so brave! I got stung by a jelly fish in Georgia, I was terrified because I couldn't see it! 😬

  • BrassBashers
    BrassBashers 7 महीने पहले +55

    "Hey guys this worked the first time and Coyote is out getting high off of some frog dung somewhere, so we'll just shoot this again and hope for 1million+ views!!!"

    • bionic
      bionic 7 महीने पहले +2

      Where did coyote go?

  • Kaiokentimes20
    Kaiokentimes20 7 महीने पहले +4

    Mark is sure full of energy now 🤣

    • Emily Brackett
      Emily Brackett 7 महीने पहले

      I see what you did! Little play on words! I like plays on words, interesting!

  • Nobody
    Nobody 7 महीने पहले

    An electric eel is a near infinite energy source, right?

  • Might be Snail
    Might be Snail 7 महीने पहले +2

    the camera man asking if he's okay is weirdly nostalgic

  • Waddle Waddles
    Waddle Waddles 7 महीने पहले +1

    If this is Brave Wilderness, why don’t you guys go and met some Penguins? I loved to see that.😊🐧🐧

  • Donna Flanagan
    Donna Flanagan 7 महीने पहले

    Crazy stuff & good Q & A. Cheers 🐨🦘🥰

    THE FOWLERS 7 महीने पहले

    My family and I love watching the Chanel’s videos just really wish you filmed your videos like you used to wear you were all together

  • Billy the Earthworm
    Billy the Earthworm 7 महीने पहले

    🤯 Yea, but how do Electric Eels reproduce? It's got to be a shocking experience, you think? 🤪

  • Adan Diaz
    Adan Diaz 8 दिन पहले

    I’m surprised how this man is still alive

  • Yoshitaka Sakai
    Yoshitaka Sakai 7 महीने पहले +1

    Can you power a house using an electric eel powerplant?

  • Rem
    Rem 7 महीने पहले +2

    Do electric eels this size even have predators? I can't see any animal wanting that in their mouths. lol

    • MOMKUNG 999
      MOMKUNG 999 महीने पहले +1

      i dont think so alligators sometimes die from even trying to chomp it

  • XxxH0ku5F0ku5xxX
    XxxH0ku5F0ku5xxX 7 महीने पहले

    That's crazy how something that lives in the water is electric

  • Bio toxin
    Bio toxin 7 महीने पहले

    How shocking, I knew this eel make a second appearance

  • Emily Brackett
    Emily Brackett 7 महीने पहले +3

    Excellent job Mark! 👍

  • Jagdish Chandra
    Jagdish Chandra 7 महीने पहले +16

    I wonder what coyote's reaction would be... if he did it scared, brave or both???

    • Jagdish Chandra
      Jagdish Chandra 7 महीने पहले

      @gluino that will be too much pain sheeesh

    • gluino
      gluino 7 महीने पहले +2

      The two of them should do a pain endurance contest. Each one applies the bullet ant on to the other's forearm.

  • JordaniusVonRhod
    JordaniusVonRhod 7 महीने पहले +1

    Love this style of video

  • Wojciech Pabijan
    Wojciech Pabijan 7 महीने पहले +4

    Damn that eel had to be super charged to blow out a fuse in the Tesla Coil

    VIVIAN GEORGE 7 महीने पहले

    Can one eel shock the other? Can they shock themselves?

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    I come back and check that he is still alive and he is still alive!! Wow!!!

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    Electric eels are so awesome !!!

  • Rando Persón
    Rando Persón 7 महीने पहले

    As if anyone is ready to be shocked by electricity. 😂
    Nobody can be “ready” for that.

    • Emily Brackett
      Emily Brackett 7 महीने पहले

      I could, but I respect Mark quite a bit, so I'm not.

  • Avani’s Life
    Avani’s Life 7 महीने पहले +3

    Love you all brave wilderness stop hating people these people are amazing

  • Natural86
    Natural86 4 महीने पहले

    There are three subspecies of electric eel with the two most recent being discovered/described in 2019

  • Henz Carl Tupas 328 Henz Carl Tupas 328
    Henz Carl Tupas 328 Henz Carl Tupas 328 4 महीने पहले

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  • ICE
    ICE 7 महीने पहले

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  • SK
    SK 7 महीने पहले

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  • Draco?
    Draco? 7 महीने पहले

    Me: okay now I've known what's his reaction was after getting shocked, I'll leave now

    • MOMKUNG 999
      MOMKUNG 999 महीने पहले

      meanwhile me : k i will get *shoked* by da eel

  • Unknown Alien
    Unknown Alien 6 महीने पहले

    This is the fear factor of wildlife channels.

  • Cinematicplays
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    I love good pain reaction

  • Zanice Chua
    Zanice Chua 7 महीने पहले +4

    I showed my mom coyote getting bitten mark getting eletricuted and more and she asked "how they still alive?" i said idk lol

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    OMG are you ok Mark
    Sooo soo cool
    Good job it sooo Scary !!!!!😮
    i Love Brave Wilderness💯

  • JT Bush
    JT Bush 2 महीने पहले

    This reminds me of the time I got electrocuted by flipping a light switch

  • Ritik Gupta
    Ritik Gupta 3 दिन पहले

    Do the eels have Levitate ability and no weakness?

  • aaronpiper92
    aaronpiper92 7 महीने पहले +1

    don't worry about getting shocked, pokemon catchers that favor lightening elemental experience this all the time

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      Armando Aranda 7 महीने पहले +2

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    • confused cat
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  • SunnyxClouds
    SunnyxClouds 7 महीने पहले +4

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