New Species! World's Rarest Toad Found?

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  • 22/04/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • The most destructive disease ever known to science is raging through the Amazon, killing thousands, and leaving a trail of extinction in its wake. While many have already succumbed to this deadly pathogen, there may be survivors that possess a cure to ending this devastating pandemic.….but without active preservation, we might very well lose their secrets as well.
    On this episode, Mark and the crew will join a scientific mission and journey deep into the Amazon in an attempt to discover a new species of harlequin toad, before it’s too late.
    Help us celebrate Earth Day by supporting both and the Atelopus Survival Initiative in their critical work. Click the donate button or use the links below. We must not allow these Jewels of the rainforest to disappear without a fight - the time to save them is now.
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    The specimen of Atelopus aff spumarius taken to Centro Jambatu was collected with the permit MAE-ARSFC-2019-0163 by authorized people, and transported with the mobilization guide No. 455 given by the Ministry of Environment. Toads were handled by experts in amphibians.
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  • Yashuop
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    Your consistency and quality of content never disappoints!

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      @Brave Wilderness bro yall lucky and cool and u never give up

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      Look up Danny Berk. Proves that Coyote overreacts...

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      @Brave Wilderness hi

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    For those of you that don't know, the poison dart frog is Mark's favorite animal. It made me happy to see him work with these toads.

    • Shade Raven
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      My favorite is the 🦉

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      @Yanxiel Santiago falcon bullseye

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      @Brave Wilderness what happened to coyote why is he not in this video

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      Me too! I love amphibians

    • John Gibeau
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      @Yanxiel Santiago falcon please don’t spread BS like that. That is totally false.

  • playerslayer91
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    Mark is just as good of an animal presenter as coyote is.

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      Cool video my man

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      All the 3 are good with this job

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      Lots of love for Mark. I miss the days when Coyote was the main host but Mark knows what he's doing and he keeps the channel fun and fresh.

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      @Tylnorton ok

    • Tylnorton
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      @Jerome Jackson He's still around. He just lets Mark and Mario become hosts on videos too so it's not just about him.

  • Life's Wild Adventures
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    Amphibians going down really does affects everything else. Here in southern Louisiana since our toad populations were hurt so bad by pesticide use, we’ve lost both eastern hognose and Pygmy rattlesnakes throughout much of their range here. Really wild and sad to watch….
    Great video on some awesome poison dart frogs Mark! I’m not sure if you guys would ever be interested in filming the US’s rarest frog species down here in South Mississippi, but if you guys want during the rainy season you should come join in the research! And even aside from rainy season, we’ve got some awesome reptiles as well :D

    • Ashley Kauffman
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      @Dracing19 I am in south Alabama to

    • Ashley Kauffman
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      @Dracing19 yeah

    • Dracing19
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      I'm in South Alabama anf your right we have tons of really cool and unique amphibians.

    • Ashley Kauffman
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      Yeah good idea!
      But I am in central Alabama

  • HeartN’Soul
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    Absolutely love the content. No matter what you post it’s always high quality and informative content. Thanks to Brave Wilderness, my passion for raising awareness about endangered animals and the importance of them is at an all time high. Love you guys ❤️

  • Tim Train
    Tim Train महीने पहले +7

    Mark literally has my dream job. I was hoping zoology would be a good route but I could use some advice on how to get to do what mark does. Which would be to save amazing species, travel, have an audience, and inspire so many people to care for these creatures. Just like I once was.

    • Nameless Wolf
      Nameless Wolf महीने पहले +2

      Mark started out as a cinematographer- Coyote was a video production major, and Mario was a wildlife biology major. There are multiple paths to getting into this line of work, but film and biology/zoology knowledge seem to be the pillars of it.

  • Calvin Tran
    Calvin Tran 26 दिन पहले +4

    What an incredible video. I remember watching a documentary on harlequin toads on Animal Planet so long ago. Glad to see they are still around

  • Little Black King
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    Mark, you have inspired me to be a Marine Biologist because I want to help save the ocean and save the rainforest. I am so so sorry that the only thing I can do to save the rainforest is comment on this video.😭

  • Julia Red
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    I love your channel’s videos about wildlife. Keep up the good work, Mark! Can’t wait to watch the next video.

  • AllieKate 325
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    I did not know there was a toad that existed on this earth who's look was as frog like as this one's was! What beautiful animals Harlequin toads are. I loved this video! Thanks for sharing, Mark.

  • Joyce Liang
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    This is awesome! You can clearly how passionate Mark and Lina are about the new species!! Keep up the good work!

  • Emp1reTyperNitroType
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    You are a trooper. You found toads that can cure the pandemic and you have been stung by almost everything. Love watching you!

  • Dineth Wijendra
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    You guys should look into the corroboree frog in Australia. It’s also under threat by habitat loss and the Cytrid Fungus. Thanks for another amazing video!

  • Eon Grobler
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    Always thrilled to watch another Brave Wilderness video!! 💪 Great and quality work guys! 🤩

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      Much appreciated, make sure to share with friends! 🙌

  • Rachana Raj
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    Really awesome and amazing video Mark. Maybe ones of these days you'll discover a new species of poison frog in your adventure and get to name it 😁

    • Coco Zhou
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      Marken frog lol

  • Kennedy
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    Wow! This video is amazing. And I bet it was awesome to deal with something very close to your favorite animal! These toads are beautiful and I really hope that we can find a cure to save them and their habitat as well. I enjoyed this video and learning a completely new animal! Love your channel 😁💕

    • Inkytannie boi
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      Also, I love your channel

    • Inkytannie boi
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      I am quite an animal lover so I hope that every animal gets to survive 😊😊😊

    • Kennedy
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      @Brave Wilderness thanks for replying! I hope they find a cure to save these beautiful roads and keep the forests filled with them 😊

    • Brave Wilderness
      Brave Wilderness  महीने पहले +7

      Thank you, we really put a lot into making this one! Very important work being done by Rewild and the ASI 🐸 🌎

  • Gordon Lu
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    I love your channel’s videos about wildlife. Keep up the good work, Mark! Can’t wait to watch the next video.

  • Tyrano Raptor
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    I wanted to thank Mark and the Brave Wilderness team for helping animals

  • Soggy_Waffles
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    I used to watch your videos when I was younger, and they really inspired me, thank you dude, your positivity and your cool nature videos will be in my heart forever.

  • Zimzalabitch🙃
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    Thanks to this channel, I got an A for my biology test! You guys really helped a lot and made it fun to learn!👍

  • SanityMC
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    Another great wilderness exploration Coyote!! I've been watching you ever since and till this day your actually still doing what you always do, keep it up!!

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      @its me jjosh a week ago he was, check again

    • its me jjosh
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      @Brave Wilderness I love the narration mark great video I could tell you were really excited

    • its me jjosh
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      @Zedoh San I believe he's been working with animal planet he has a show on there

    • Brave Wilderness
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      Hi, it’s Mark though :)

    • Zedoh San
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      @its me jjosh why tho?

  • Jenn 1234
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    Thank you all for the work you do to save these and other awesome creatures! You guys are awesome! 😄💙🐬

  • Ellie
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    I'm so amazed these amphibians, I love their beautiful colours and should definitely deserve to be saved. So cute! Keep up the good work. :)

  • Ryan WizCaster
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    Man I love Mark. He makes these videos feel so exciting and entertaining. Sometimes funny as well. 😁

  • Mohamed Irbaz
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    its really peaceful to know that people care for animals and they work on saving them from extinction.

  • • Abę Brosiczki •
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    I love how it's so calm & gentle, that's a wild toad right there! 🐸🐸

  • Dppricgrimes
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    Good job mark keep up the work I have watched this since I was 8 or 9 now I'm 16 and still watching this my goal is to become a biologist that study's animals hopefully discovers new ones and all! Good job

  • craig k.
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    I'm proud of you for making this video. I know the poison dart frog is one of your favorite animals. That harlequin toad is beautiful, it's a cool species. Thank you for finding it.

  • Alex Looman
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    While I get that the point of the video was to focus on the toad, I found it odd that there was so little information about the fungus. It's commonly referred to as the amphibian chytrid fungus or Bd (because the scientific name is Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) if anyone feels like trying to learn more about that.

  • Bryan Martinez
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    Love these videos keep it up everyone.

  • Funky Fried Alien
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    I love how how coyotes cameraman also gets to do so many awesome things even like getting hurt like coyote haha. These guys are certainly going to go far!

  • Mike Wein
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    Good luck on figuring out why this toad is probably immune. Perhaps its some genetic benefit, creating an enzyme that the fungus dislikes...or a helpful bacterium. Would be great to ensure this pretty toad species is safely returned to its home.

  • Shalom Reuven
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    Hello Coyote Peterson!! My so loves you and is obsessed with you!! He just started to go into the backyard and see h for bugs,i got him his first bug finding kid a few days ago, i love how he's so passionate about animals and bugs thanks to you! Considering all the junk that's out there I'm so happy you could help him have an awesome hobby!!
    Can I ask for a huge favor! He goes outside to the backyard and looks for bugs but he HATES Washing his hands when he comes home after touching all the bugs and dirt and stuff he finds and even more so he HATES putting on sunscreen!!
    Can you make a video (even if it's a few seconds long) to all the kids out there on how important it is to wash your hands! And put on sunscreen if they want to chase bugs! That'll be amazing if you did!!!

    WILD FL महीने पहले +2

    This looks like so much fun Mark, great that you guys were out there. I know its not likely to get tons of clicks but I'd like to see you talking with Dr. Lina talking for in depth about Chytrid.

  • Mateo Santiago
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    Hey Mark. Thanks for the Incredible video. Your passion for dart frogs is incredible. Nature has such a “colorful”way of protecting its gorgeous frogs and ofc the Harlequin toad. Keep up the amazing work 👍

  • Eee Eee
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    Very cool video guys! I really want to see your next adventure! And keep it up, Mark and Coyote! 💪🤠 💪🧔

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    love this video, keep it up mark!

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      Thank you! Help us out with a share!

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    Excellent production value, Mark!!! This is a great video!!

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      Thanks Gator Dave!! 🐊

    • Dave Weaston
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      Miss you guys!!

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      Thank you Dave!!

  • BrilliantBro
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    Beautiful I hope they find a cure and can save the species😊

  • the old and wise gonk droid
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    I knew the poisonous dart frog was your favourite animal and it's one of mine to thank you for working with these toads and frogs. keep it up

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    I want to see Mark and Coyote go on a adventure together.

  • M. Jackson
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    Always annoyed me how poison dart frogs are so cool looking and so deadly.

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    Keep it up mark & coyote!

  • Pred
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    Its great when people bring attention to whats happening to our poor froggies n co. Favorite animal of all time and even own an Azureus dart frog myself and they need to be helped, thanks BW.

  • gs8wwmw7
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    I will give full support , I love nature , I will do my best

  • Animal Science TV
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    You are brave to walk in the Amazon! I get spooked just walking 200m from the village in the Philippines

    • Animal Science TV
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      @Nya Stclair that won't do much good against creepy crawlies

    • Nya Stclair
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      It's ok, the camera man carries a machine gun.

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    I was sad when Mark took over but he's filling coyotes spot perfectly. Great job mark

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      @Allegedly Eh Nowadays TV is no longer such a big thing that you can just say sayonara to a prosperous YT channel with almost 20m subs, I don't think. Coyote will probably have fingers in many pies (and there's nothing wrong with that). Anyhow, I like Mark's more serious presentation.

    • Nathan Dudley
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      @Allegedly Eh yeah you'll see him on the new show if you still want to watch his content

    • Allegedly Eh
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      @Nathan Dudley no way coyote is done eh ? His INclips channel I found coyote Peterson . I think he posts clips from his new shows on there ?

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      @Tim Berkemeier he had a deal offer with animal planet for a new show but he does come back every now and then on the channel so it's not like you won't see him again I think I seen somewhere that he announced his retirement 2 years ago or something? But his hosted a few videos since but marks taken over in his place and I like both so doesn't really bother me too much

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      We love them too, hopefully the researchers can save them:)

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    • Brave Wilderness
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      We have more stings coming soon

  • A. Vega
    A. Vega महीने पहले +1

    Here in Puerto Rico some of our frogs are also threatened by Bd and three species are critically endangered. There's also one species of frog that was discovered in 2005, Eleutherodactylus juanariveroi, which is already critcally endangered, that is beleived to be inmune to the disease.

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    The toad was so chill. Doesnt jump away...even lifts his chin to be swabbed like he wants to work with the humans trying to help.

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    I hope they stay alive.

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    Harlequin Toad: I evolved thousands of years ago?

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